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Related knowledge of copper stranded wire

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    First: Look at the copper stranded wire appearance of the purchase needs from the appearance of the beginning to observe, generally good copper stranded wire its appearance compared to the light, service has obvious damage and scratches, there will be no obvious oxidation reaction caused by discoloration. The outside color comparison uniformity, the service has the black spot, the service has the crack, the distance uniform regularity. Meet the above standards is a good choice of copper stranded wire. Second: Look at the copper stranded wire specifications model copper stranded wire selection needs to observe the size and specifications of the line, General copper wire drawing should be in the specified range, can not exceed the process standards, otherwise regarded as invalid stranded wire. The single line of the twisted wire must meet the uniform and neat characteristics and conform to the process rules. Again: Look at the copper stranded wire structure of the copper stranded wire to purchase also want to observe the distribution and composition of the strand structure, see if there are short-term, lack of line, loose shares, the phenomenon of the stock, generally these can be observed by the naked eye, we need to carefully observe the quality of copper stranded wire, can not choose unqualified products used to produce wire and cable, Can cause serious safety accidents. Finally: See copper stranded wire welding process copper stranded wire purchase also pay attention to whether the welding process is solid, the interface part of the welding is neat, there are lines of the unevenness phenomenon. Welding interface should be maintained neat, repair flat, rubbing round, can not handle, the diameter of the welding head can not be more than 0.2 mm; adjacent two copper stranded wires should be welded to a certain distance, I division should be evenly spaced.