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Company culture
1. Give the customer enough enthusiasm, respect and care: "the customer is God", for the service work is even more so. Whether in the pre-sale, in the sale, or after the sale are fully respect for customers and customers of every demand, and a warm working attitude to care for our customers, take the initiative to provide services.

2. To help customers solve the problem: whether it is a single product, or our services, as long as the customer encountered trouble, then the customer's problem is our problem - like customers want to.

3. Rapid response to customer needs: When our customers expressed our needs for us, because the training of staff in place, so we can ensure that the first time immediately to his needs to respond quickly - urgent customers Anxious.

4. Always customer-centric: We start from the construction team, carefully selected a number of service clearance, professional know excellent service team, assigned to our service points, and customers to achieve zero distance communication. In the process of providing services to customers, always with our customers as the center, pay close attention to customer needs. Only from the customer's point of view to consider the customer's things as their own things in order to actively advise for customers; only to 'help' - customer service for the 'music', in order to always full of mental state to one after another Customer satisfaction.

5. Continuously provide professional, quality service: often say, do a good thing is easy, difficult things to do a good life. This is the case for the service, we can not only provide customers with a quality service, more commitment to customers to provide long-term, and even life-long high-quality, efficient service. Whether it is our staff awareness of service clearance, excellent professional knowledge, or our services, diversification, systematic, all reflect the professionalism of our services. Due to rigorous, humane service management, so as to ensure that our professional quality, it created a reputation of our services has been received by consumers.

6. put themselves in place for the sake of customers: put themselves in place for the sake of customers is always to customer-centric premise, empathy in our service is an important requirement of service thinking. Putting yourself in the minds of our customers means that we can think about the customer's point of view, know what the customer needs most and what we do not want, and provide real-time satisfaction in providing the whole service.

7. To provide personalized protection services: the implementation of data management of customers, and one-on-one health information and training, product recommendation, and other personalized service. The customer's mailbox for the targeted telephone return visit and other security services.